Is Running Out of Style?

Is Running Out of Style?

The health and fitness industry has seen an incredible amount of change over the past few years, with new trends emerging seemingly every month. In 2022, here are 10 types of exercise that will be at the top of the list. Is running at the top? Read on to find out more!

– 3 Way Resistance Training
There has been a rise in popularity in 3 way resistance training. While you may think that 2 way weight lifting is sufficient, you are sorely mistaken. Many trainers are now recommending a total body workout be done with 1-3 other people, who together lift weights in different ways to work all muscle groups at once. This is also far safer and requires less recovery time, as opposed to overtraining one group and having no energy to work another group later on in life. This style of working out will also result in an increase in endurance as well as strength while not causing as much injury or discomfort as it would otherwise cause. Many studies have shown that this new type of weight lifting is one of many great strategies for those looking to reduce fat and gain muscle mass fast!

– Combining Forms of Exercises
There is an increasing number of people combining different forms of exercises in their exercise routines. It’s not uncommon to see people doing 20-mile bike rides one day and then getting in a grueling two hour long boxing workout at their local gym. While these types of combinations do make for some incredibly fit individuals, there have been numerous studies that show that it’s better to stick with just one form of exercise and work on becoming a master. Many experts agree that jogging is probably one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health and run faster; combining jogging with other forms (such as swimming) isn’t as good as only jogging or only swimming because you lose out on specificity.

– Fitness-Tracking Apps
These apps, which monitor how far and fast you run, will be one trend to watch in 2022. In fact, according to one report from Information Resources Inc., fitness-tracking devices such as Fitbit helped increase global sales of wearable devices from 2009 to 2013 by 650 percent. By 2022, these devices are expected to generate an estimated $24 billion in sales globally. But does that mean running is on its way out? Perhaps not entirely: a separate study from NPD Group showed that more than 90 percent of people who wear fitness-tracking wearables still run outside at least once per week.

– Group Workouts
Partly thanks to more accessible technology, more people are meeting up at group workout studios like SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Orangetheory Fitness. While many boutique fitness studios have popped up over recent years, Barry’s Bootcamp is worth mentioning for its innovative approach. Offering a 60-minute class that consists of 45 minutes in a high-intensity cycle class and 15 minutes in barre or strength training exercises designed by Les Mills instructors, Barry’s bootcamps provide members with an opportunity to meet new people while getting in shape quickly. A great way to try something new while working out on your own terms!

– Live Music and Entertainment during Workouts
If a song or video comes up while you’re working out, check it out and decide whether it helps or distracts you. If there’s music you love, play some on Spotify and queue it up for your workout sessions. At home, set up speakers where they won’t be in your way (or ask a friend if you can use theirs). Sometimes just having something playing at home will keep me from doing my usual surfing-the-webs routine when I should be exercising. And once you get moving, experiment with earbuds to see what works best for your workouts.

– Teaching Mental Skills with Exercise
This year more fitness-obsessed people are turning to exercise, as a way to keep their minds sharp and also manage stress. Working out can help you relax, create clarity in your thinking, increase focus and concentration, reduce fatigue and even sharpen memory recall. In terms of actually getting fit, being tired helps too! According to Mayo Clinic research published in 2011: Exercise is good for helping cognition mainly because it induces neurogenesis – new brain cell growth – which leads to better brain performance. Exercise like running, biking or swimming can stimulate blood flow that not only releases feel-good endorphins but also benefits memory and learning by growing new neurons.

– Massage Therapy at Gyms
Over 20% of US gyms offer massage services and it’s predicted that over half will by 2022. The growth has been spurred by a rise in demand for alternative forms of exercise and holistic approaches to health, as well as a general interest in spending time at home. While many people are worried about their appearance, few want to actually spend more time exercising. Moreover, it’s hard for people to find time outside their workday to get an intensive workout in or commit themselves to expensive gym memberships for one-off workouts.

– More Personalized Sessions
One of top 10 exercise trends for 2022 is more personalized sessions. In 2022, there are many ways to get exercise that don’t involve traditional gyms, fitness classes or even running. This leaves people looking for a more customized way to work out. Whether that means hiring a trainer and working one-on-one with them or joining an at-home workout service or app, people will want a way to fit their workouts into their lifestyles rather than change their lifestyles around a workout. Many options exist for finding specialized workouts like kickboxing classes in your area or high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs online. A trainer you can trust will be able to create an individualized plan for you and help keep you motivated as well.

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