Top 10 Exercise Trends in 2022

Top 10 Exercise Trends in 2022

With the current trend of wearable technology and health tracking devices, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future of exercise. Fitness technology may soon reach a point where it will become almost impossible to not get enough exercise throughout the day, which could be an enormous boon to overall health in the United States and around the world. These are the top 10 exercise trends we expect to see in 2022 and beyond.

1) The Rise of CrossFit
It seems like every month there’s a new CrossFit franchise popping up somewhere. Even so, I can’t imagine it will be able to maintain its growth rates. That being said, after years of gyms trying to emulate CrossFit’s intense workout (to less-than-stellar results), we might see more gyms incorporating elements of crossfit training into their regimens. The explosive nature of CrossFit workouts means people do them faster, which could get them better results than they were getting before with fewer hours at a gym each week—provided they can afford it and their bodies aren’t breaking down too quickly.

2) The Rise of Hyperfit
By 2022, there will be a new fitness trend that merges high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with other workouts. HIIT involves brief bouts of intense exercise, followed by short rest periods. It has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and build muscle mass faster than steady cardio. While running has dominated as the go-to workout for decades, numerous studies show it’s not ideal for everyone—some research even suggests that it may increase your risk of dying early if you have heart problems or are out of shape. In order to accommodate all kinds of people, personal trainers and fitness studios will soon offer HIIT sessions and classes incorporating different types of workouts with varying intensities to create a hyperfit approach that delivers noticeable results without causing significant injury risks or strain on joints.

3) Running Becomes an Afterthought
The next big fitness trend is all about mobility, which means old-school workouts like running and lifting weights will be a thing of the past. While neither will necessarily disappear, gyms will begin to emphasize new methods for increasing flexibility and muscle tone, like pole dancing and capoeira. For those looking to get their heart rate up, dance or spin classes will become increasingly popular. Cross-training isn’t new by any means, but it’s starting to gain popularity as a safer alternative to high-impact exercises like running or high intensity interval training (HIIT). Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket—in terms of physical activities—cross-training can help you avoid injuries while still burning major calories.

4) Bodyweight Moves Become Commonplace
Humans have long exercised with little equipment, but over time we’ve adopted complex machines to build muscle. But that’s going to change. In a few years, you won’t need any equipment at all for full-body exercise routines. Take pushups, for example—you can use your own body weight to perform a killer upper-body workout (not to mention build total-body strength). Get creative with it and you’ll discover there are countless ways to get fit using nothing but your own body weight as resistance. It’s fun, too!

5) Fitness Focuses on Cardio, Conditioning, and Endurance
The new focus on longevity and wellness will cause cardio, conditioning, and endurance to grow in popularity. In 2022 you’ll see folks turning away from high-intensity routines and instead opting for a more balanced approach. The treadmill at your local gym or walking outdoors with a friend will be immensely popular as a way to stay fit without burning out your joints. Making friends at work will be common again—instead of going for drinks after work, people will get together for hikes or cycle around town. It’s clear that exercise is important—but don’t forget about rest! Sleep is essential to good health, which means that we need to prioritize it over other non-essential activities like late night Netflix binges!

6) HIIT Training Makes a Comeback
The high-intensity interval training trend that started back in 2004 is here to stay. When it comes to working out, many folks like to think they’re badasses. However, when you boil things down and strip away all of their bravado, most people simply want to get a good workout while not completely annihilating themselves. HIIT training offers just that by combining high intensity cardio with brief periods of rest between exercises. The result? You get a full-body workout without going past 30 minutes!

7) Classes Start to Focus Less on Weights and More on Core Strength and Balance
CrossFit-style classes have been gaining popularity over recent years, and will continue to do so into 2022. Typically short but intense circuit training, these classes leave little room for anything else other than a few sets of dumbbells and kettlebells. A study published in 2013 found that weight-bearing exercises (such as those using weights or bodyweight) were more effective at promoting balance and coordination than non-weight bearing exercises like swimming or cycling—especially when performed multiple times per week. Your physical therapist might not tell you to throw away your dumbbells just yet, but it’s certainly something to consider.

8) Group Gym Sessions Become A Thing Of The Past
Everyone has heard of SoulCycle or Flywheel, but how about Jamn? Or Bkr? Group gym sessions are a big thing—but one of their biggest problems is that they’re tough to schedule. They require a commitment—and by definition, most people aren’t willing to make them. As a result, group gym classes fade away in favor of more convenient ways to work out. It may be surprising, but most millennials already say their favorite workout is home exercise. Why do they love it so much? Because it’s easy and doesn’t require any prep—which means they can do it whenever and wherever they want!

9) Enter Virtual Reality Gyms
While VR has mostly been utilized for video games, there’s no reason to limit it to that. Many gyms are adopting virtual reality technology so that you can use their facilities while working out at home or on vacation—so no more excuses! Plus, with an increasing number of active people using VR, we expect that activewear companies will want to jump on board with apparel that fits a more active lifestyle. That said, there will be challenges as well (such as how much gear you’ll need for a good workout), but we think everything will work itself out over time. (You can read our take on virtual reality trends here.)

10) You Can Train At Home On Your Own Time Without Feeling Self-Conscious
In a workout era where everyone’s doing it, there’s less pressure to feel self-conscious about how you look. From calisthenics (bodyweight exercises) to kettlebell workouts and at-home Pilates videos, working out on your own terms is finally becoming more mainstream. In fact, research suggests more than half of Americans are likely to be doing something exercise related at home in 2022. As technology advances, fitness will become increasingly personalized and convenient—not just for those with money or time to spare at a gym but for anyone interested in staying fit without sacrificing their daily life.

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